Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tasty Thai

Jessica here!  Hole in the wall restaurants can be an adventure, for good or bad!  Tasty Thai was a very positive adventure in my opinion.  Found on the corner of 1300 South and 500 East in Salt Lake City it is a small stand alone building.  The looks are deceiving when you enter this small but open feeling building.  But here is where the positive adventure begins!  The staff is extremely friendly and very accommodating.  For example we went on an extremely cold night and my friend asked if they had hot chocolate.  They don't sell it but the waitress had her own personal hot chocolate and offered it to us.  She was the best waitress I've ever had.  The food!  Oh my goodness it was amazing!  I got the Lard-na (I think that's what it's called).  It was enough food for me to take home and have a full meal the next day.  Egg noodles, tofu, and veggies in a soy sauce broth.  Brandon and our other friends got curry, pad thai, and some sort of fried spicy pork and veggies.  The waitress was observant and continued to bring rice as we needed more.  We all sampled each others' dishes and I was a huge fan of them all.  Over all on the Jessica scale of happiness I left at about an 8.  The few things that keep it from being a 10 were that the food was a little slow to come.  With that said we were the only guests in the restaurant and I wonder if it took some time because it was freshly made.  All the plates were hot and not from sitting under a heat lamp.  The one other point I didn't like was the temperature was cool.  The building has a lot of glass windows and we were sat right next to the door.  No one came in but a few people left and it was cold!  But then again I tend to be cold blooded and am always cold!  I highly suggest Tasty Thai to anyone who likes Thai food!  The end.

I also quite enjoyed Tasty Thai. I ordered Pad Fred.. or Phed? Something to that effect. It was delicious. It was somewhat spicy, but not too bad. Our server was really nice. She brought us extra rice without us asking and I really appreciated that. My buddy's date also asked for hot chocolate, which they didn't have, so she poured her some from her thermos. Yeah, it's that kind of small-town next-door feel to it. On the con side I didn't really care much for the overall look and atmosphere of the place. I was thinking, based on its location right by Pioneer Park, that it would be pretty hip and trendy. It was more like just a large open room with some discount sale tables and chairs set up and a chalkboard with the specials scribbled onto it. If you're taking a date and your intentions are to impress her with aesthetics I don't suggest this place. However if you want some really good Thai food, I certainly suggest it.

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