Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Who are we and what are we doing here?

Hello fellow Salt Laker or travel enthusiast. I hope you have found your way here because you want to discover some fun and new places to visit in the Salt Lake Valley. In this blog you will read two reviews on a topic by two people with different likes and personalities. Sometimes the opinions may be similar and sometimes they may contrast, but regardless we hope you get some enjoyment and maybe discover a few activities around the valley to enjoy yourself.

But who are we?

I'll go first!  Hey!  I'm Jessica.  I'm new to blogging and am excited to share my experiences in and around beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.  I try my hand at poetry from time to time and enjoy creative writing when I get the chance but have no formal training in writing.  This blog is my way of sharing the amazing opportunities that surround us here in the Salt Lake Valley.

Throughout my life I've lived in 16 different places (not houses cause I lost count of those), including 8 states and 1 foreign country.  I've seen my fair share of tiny towns (place number 10: Fontenelle, Wyoming, population 5) and big cities (place number 5: Las Vegas Nevada, population 590,000.) I've been in Salt Lake for a year and a half now but have visited family in the area my entire life.  I graduated with a degree in Recreation Management and therefore love playing and enjoying the attractions around me.  I'm the life of this blog while my co-conspirator is the heart beat.

Take it over Brandon!

Okay, hello friends!

My name is Brandon. I am a beginner blogger with some previous experience. I kept a personal blog during the last two years of college documenting various events in the life of a college student. It had some following, maybe 150 unique hits per month, but for the most part I simply kept it for my own enjoyment. I have no creative writing experience outside of that. However I do write sometimes, but when I do it is for technical reports that get published for mining companies. I find them interesting, but I would never recommend them to you. They're fairly dry, so if I happen to throw in the value of the resource at a location or suggestions for future research, that's why. In general I see the world as numbers and logic. I'm heavily left brained and art skills, outside of music, waved bye-bye to me long ago.

I am 26 and (mostly) from Utah. I grew up in Bountiful, just a few minutes outside of Salt Lake City. I went to college in Logan and graduated with a BS degree in geology. After spending 10 years hating on anything to do with Utah culture I moved to the east bench of Salt Lake City and took on the attitude of "When in Rome!" except I replaced Rome with Salt Lake. I currently work as a geologist for a mining and energy consulting firm. I spend most of my day in a cubicle crunching numbers or creating computer models of the subsurface. I have tried many of the little things Salt Lake has to offer. I enjoy the beautiful outdoors, the mountains and the fact that every time I visit some place else I'm always left thinking, "Wow, I miss the friendliness of Salt Lakers."

Here is a photo of us

No, we are not married. Yes, we are dating.

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